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How To Guide on Subscribing and Post Notifications

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For those of you new to our Oracle Forum, Welcome! This is a forum for the sharing of Oracle DBA information and all participants are required to adhere to basic professional manners. Use of this forum requires everyone to adhere to the following guidelines. All forum participants deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Anyone abusing these rules will not be allowed to participate in forum discussions:


- You may not criticize anyone for their poor English skills.


- You may not belittle anyone for asking a beginner-level question.


- You may not use profanity or derogatory language in this forum.


- You may not insult, denigrate or ridicule anyone.


- You may not add hyperlinks to pages that insult or defame a person or software product.


- You may not start non-technical discussions.




If you post comments which are libelous, defamatory, obsence, abusive, pornographic, threatening, an invasion of privacy, false, an infringement of intellectual property rights including, but not limited to copyrights and trademarks or trade secrets of any entity or person, or comments which are illegal in any way, or comments which advocate illegal activity, you will be held personally liable for damages. This forum respects the laws of all countries and we fully cooperate with law enforcement and anyone victimized by the acts of forum members.


Below are some quick pointers to subscribing to the forums and recieving notification of new posts.


Log on to the board.

To Subscribe to a forum:

Open the forum you wish to subscribe to and go to bottom of page. Click on 'Subscribe to this forum' link as illustrated here:




To Subscribe to a topic:

Browse to the topic you wish to track and open it. At the top of the forum you will see a link to 'Track This Topic' as illustrated below :




You may also access the 'Topic Options' by clicking on the Topic Options icon at the bottom of the page as illustrated here:




This will expand to give you the following options:




When you post or reply to a topic, in the posting screen check the 'Enable email notification of replies?' checkbox as illustrated here:




To be notified of replies by default:

Log in. Click the 'My Controls' link on the member bar. This will bring you to the setting options for your profile. Go to Email Settings. Set Enable 'Email Notification' by default.


Editing your profile:

Log in. Click the 'My Controls' link on the member bar. This will bring you to the setting options for your profile. You may add avatars, edit contact info., etc.


For a full list of Help Topics you can click the 'Help' link at top of page. The url for the Help Topic page is:




We hope that you find our forum a useful resource for all your Oracle questions!


Thank you for visiting!

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