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Perf _ Insert into select Vs ForAll

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I need to perform db operations where I need to simple inserts data from another query:


As of now I am using INSERT INTO SELECT inside apl/sq package.

but some time I am observing for same data set this queries takes more time 

Will For All perform better tan insert into select

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Hi Manish, and welcome to the forum!

The “insert select into” is native SQL, and there is no need for any PL/SQL:

insert /*+ append */ into
   select name, salary from emp where dept = ‘FINANCE’;

It is basically a SQL subquery, and if you suspect varying response times you need to examine the execution plans to insure that they are the same:


You can always use SQL profiles or optimizer plan stability to “freeze” the execution plans:


Please check and see if your plans are changing.

Some folks use temporary tables in lieu of a insert subquery:


As to using FORALL, sometimes that can help:


Please let us know about you execution plans and options!

Good luck!


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