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Search specific value in all fields of all tables

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I have around 2000 tables in my oracle database. whatever the user enters in search page, I should search that value in all fields of all tables of database. My database contains several millions of records. Performance is an import point to consider. I am looking for a solution. Could someone help

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Hi Arasu, and welcome to the forum!

You can easily achieve this using PL/SQL by looping through with a FOR loop, querying all_tab_columns, for all columns that have a string datatype.

For each table name, you use “execute immediate”, building the SQL statement that looks for your string, using the table_name and column_name.

See example here:


As to performance, there will be a full table scan of strings in all_tab_columns.

This can be made faster using parallel hints in the generated SQL.

Good luck!

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