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Hello everyone,

I've been learning 12c and everything I read it says to never log in as SYS or SYSTEM. So then without the privileges and roles that these users have, how are you supposed to perform your DBA work? Am I missing something?



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First, be aware that becoming an Oracle DBA requires an advanced college degree plus almost six months of classes from Oracle University.

Oracle is not appropriate for dilettantes and those without a strong academic background.  Please read:


To answer your question, you need to create an OS DBA Group, and grant the DBA role to those users:


Good luck!



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Thank you for your quick response and assistance. I will check those links to digest that information.

I know a lot of people who are Oracle DBAs and they don't have a college degree or if they do, they say it doesn't translate to DBA work. I know one person who only went to High School and he's been a DBA for 8 years. Given this data, this is why I thought there was no reason that I could not also become an Oracle DBA. I study every day and refer to the dba-oracle.com website frequently. I plan to take the OCA exam as well. This exam does not require a Bachelor's degree.

In addition, I read a lot of job postings for DBAs and none of them ask to complete six months of Oracle University classes.

So far I am understanding Oracle database pretty well and I have even typed over 100 pages of notes this past summer and posted them online for anyone to refer to. I am already a CPA in the United States but I find IT much more interesting than Accounting. This is why I chose to switch. I have seen some General Ledger and E-Business/Fusion books from Oracle so maybe there is a job out there where I can blend Oracle and CPA. I have to see what direction I should go in.


Thank you for your time.

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You make a good point about the degree requirements, but the median Oracle DBA job pays over $100,000 per year, and it’s rare to snag a good job without a four year degree.  It’s competitive!

i’m sorry If I sounded insulting, but there are loads of kids who take two week DBA boot camps and then are told that they can expect high paying jobs!

I assume that as a CPA you have a degree.

As for certification, the OCP used to be designed such that you would not pass without work experience.

When I got certified, Oracle required proof of at least fours of full time job experience, but that was dropped.

FYI, here are the minimum requirements to consult for us:


Note that  a BS in business satisfies our requirements.

Please feel free to post new questions here!

Good luck!

PS - With a CPA, you could be a stellar “Oracle Applications DBA”.

The only barrier to entry is finding food eBusiness Suite training.  I have some notes here:


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