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How to apply correctly some known patches

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Hi ,

I have an oracle server and 2 databases db1 and db2.

I have applyed patches for the 1st time and my goal is to install the PSU of october (i know that PSU is cummulative but need to apply the same patches as  in the live server db i want to align by installing tha same patches april,julyand october) ,i run those steps:

-The patch of April 27381640:

Opatch apply then run the post installation script only on db1 (not db2)

SQL> @catbundle.sql PSU apply

Then applied july patch 27695940 (without the post script)at this step i realised that i missed to run the script catbundle on db2 (during the april patch application) then i run the july and april rollback patch (but again i missed to run the catbundle_rollback post rollback scripts.) and run finally the catbundle script in db2 .

Then i patched again using july patch and apply catbundle script on db1 +db2.and finally applyed correctly the PSU of october.

My questions are:
-did i installed finally correctly the PSU of october using this installation way?
-after running opatch rollback id.. i did have missed to run the post rollback script,was it mandatory in this case or finally this is a correct installation?

-is the rollback post script mandatory for rollbacks in general?


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