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Incorrect Oracle Home User Password during Oracle 12c DB creation using DBCA

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I have already installed Oracle 12c in my windows machine.

I am trying to create new database using DBCA. I am facing issue while given password for Oracle Home User Password(Incorrect Oracle Home User Password)

I have tried to reset the password. But getting the below error.

C:\Users\Admin>orahomeuserctl updpwd -user oracle
Enter new Password:
OHUC-1026 : unable to authenticate the new password

Any one please suggest to resolve this issue.

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Hi Kmuthu,

You need to insure that your PATH and ORACLE_HOME are set properly!


Go into the Windows registry and turn of the service user authentication. You can go into HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>SOFTWARE>ORACLE
Then go to KEY_OraDB12Home1 (or whatever home you’re needing to update) and then change the Data Value in the ORACLE_SVCUSER_PWDREQ Key from 1 to 0.

Good Luck!

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