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oracle database vault

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Dear all,

I want your help on the oracle database vault re-installation. The issue is that first i installed and configured oracle database vault.Then i disabled the oracle database vault to do something.

After that, i tried to enable again.but i can't.I removed the database and tried to reinstall the oracle database vault, but the button is disabled.how i can resolve the issue please>

My working environment is test environment in windows.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Best Regards

Woldu G.

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Hi Woldu, and welcome to the forum!

What do you mean when you said that you “removed the database”?  Did you drop the database?

Did you follow this procedure for the uninstall and reinstall?


Also, please check you alert log for messages.

Because you are in TEST, it might be easier to wipe it clean and start from scratch!

Good luck!


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