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storage sizing

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Oracle Database 12.2.0

RHEL 7.4




I am planning to calculate the storage capacity for 18 months after which tables would be compressed.

                                                                      increase       size of partition

BIMOBSMS 01-SEP-17->30-SEP-17   21.2 GB
  01-oct-17->30-oct-17 600 mb 21.26 GB
  01-NOV-17->30-NOV-17   19.8 GB
  01-DEC-17->30-DEC-17 1.66 GB 21.46 GB
  01-JAN-18->30-JAN-18   20.4 GB
  01-FEB-18->28-FEB-18   19.3 GB
  01-MAR-18->28-MAR-18 1.98 GB 21.28 GB
  01-APR-18->28-APR-18   20.47 GB
  01-MAY-18->28-MAY-18   20.47 GB
  01-JUNE-18->28-JUNE-18 5.73 GB 26.2 GB
  01-JULY-18->28-JULY-18 3.92 GB 30.12 GB
  01-AUG-18->28-AUG-18   30 GB
  01-SEP-18->28-SEP-18   28.4 GB
  01-OCT-18->26-OCT-18   22.25 GB



could you please advise how I should calculate it?


What compression mechanism should I implement it?




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Hi Roshan,

Capacity planning is a complex skill.

Have you taken college courses on planning?

It sounds like you may want to invest in training at Oracle University:


If you do not know how to Capacity planning, I would recommend downloading ready-to-use capacity planning spreadsheets:


Good luck!

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