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ASM file system for non-RAC oracle 12cR2 database in AIX

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Dear Oracle gurus,

I was told ASM now becomes part of Oracle Grid Infrastructure in 12cR2. 
Does that mean I have to download Oracle Grid anyway for implementing ASM even I just want to install non-RAC oracle database in AIX ?
Is there any 12cR2 ASMLIB I can download for AIX ?

Thank you,




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Hi Rich,

Yes, ASM is part of the Oracle grid infrastructure:


Do you want to use ASM?

I think that you can still create a vanilla database without using grid or ASM.

But you are correct, in 12cR2 you must install the grid infrastructure:


Or this page:


Please let us know if this is the right download.

Good luck!



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Hi Don,

Yes , that is the right download.  Thank you.

It is sad to confirm the awkward change in 12cR2:

For those who want to use ASM for non-RAC oracle databases, you should install extra Oracle Clusterware components which you don't actully need.

For those who want to use 3th-party cluster file system (like VxFS) in Oracle RAC , you should install ASM anyway for storing OCR and Voting Disk files.


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