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RMAN/output log generating with zero bytes

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Hi Team,

In our production environment cron job scheduled 2 times in a day for RMAN backup against few of our DB's with archive-log and purging for the same as well.

But some DB/First time RMAN is executing and output / respective RMAN logs also generated with content(RMAN output like backup,purging for archive etc.,).

But in second time the same cron job schedule  RMAN is executing with output log  as zero bytes only. (means empty log file is generating) why ???, means these schedule for

cron job is not at all executed or output log generation issue  or due to some other technical Issues ??.

Just FYI pasted the log output file along with size printed below for understanding.

-rw-r-----  1 oracle dba      0 09/17/18 RMAN_arch_bkp_PRINFREP-17-09-18-03-30-01.log
-rw-r-----  1 oracle dba      0 09/17/18 RMAN_arch_bkp_PRWH-17-09-18-03-00-01.log
-rw-r--r--  1 oracle dba  51892 09/17/18 RMAN_arch_bkp_PRWH-17-09-18-03-28-15.log

Hope you guys clear in my query. Help me to resolve the above  ASAP. 

Thanks in Advance.








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Hello Burleson,

crontab are re-directing for to write into  log files as printed below.Just to know the size of the log file I have printed only log files along with size in previous post.

00 02,08,16 * * * sh /app/RMAN_BACKUP/Backup_Script/RMAN_arch_bkp_siebel.sh > /app/RMAN_BACKUP/Backup_log/RMAN_arch_bkp_siebel_$(date +\%d_\%m_\%y-\%H-\%M-\%S).log
30 20 * * * sh /app/RMAN_BACKUP/Backup_Script/RMAN_Backup.sh > /app/RMAN_BACKUP/Backup_log/RMAN_Backup_$(date +\%d-\%m-\%y-\%H-\%M-\%S).log
#00 05,16 * * * sh /app/RMAN_BACKUP/Backup_Script/RMAN_arch_bkp_PRWH.sh > /app/RMAN_BACKUP/Backup_log/RMAN_arch_bkp_PRWH-$(date +\%d-\%m-\%y-\%H-\%M-\%S).log
00 03,12 * * * sh /app/RMAN_BACKUP/Backup_Script/RMAN_arch_bkp_PRWH.sh > /app/RMAN_BACKUP/Backup_log/RMAN_arch_bkp_PRWH-$(date +\%d-\%m-\%y-\%H-\%M-\%S).log

as per above schedule for 'PRWH' 2 times needs to be run and the respective log should generated with one log with content and other log with zero byes those logs pasted below for reference.same cases for others as well.


-rw-r-----  1 oracle dba      0 09/19/18 RMAN_arch_bkp_PRWH-19-09-18-03-00-01.log
-rw-r--r--  1 oracle dba  57608 09/19/18 RMAN_arch_bkp_PRWH-19-09-18-03-18-59.log

what could be the reason behind these issue, 

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Do you get a log file when you execute the RMAN job twice outside of the cron?

Is it possible that the second execution is overlaying the log from the first execution?

Plrase advise.  Thanks!

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