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SSL connection closed gracefully in oracle11g

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Hi Team,

Create Certificates using orapki tool and enable ssl in oracle 11g and got below error while connecting from sqlplus.


ORA-28864: SSL connection closed gracefully

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Hi Chakradhsr, and welcome to the forum,

Oracle indicates that you need to generate a trace file to diagnose this error:

Also, note that 11g was deprecated many years ago!

Goog luck!

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Please find the trace log.Oracle version11.2.0.4


Dump file e:\app\administrator\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1\rdbms\trace\orcl_ora_4852.trc
Thu Sep 06 18:29:33 2018
ORACLE V11. - 64bit Production vsnsta=0
vsnsql=16 vsnxtr=3
Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
With the Partitioning, OLAP, Data Mining and Real Application Testing options
Windows NT Version V6.2  
CPU                 : 2 - type 8664, 2 Physical Cores
Process Affinity    : 0x0x0000000000000000
Memory (Avail/Total): Ph:6281M/8191M, Ph+PgF:7252M/9407M 
VM name             : VMWare Version (6)

Instance name: orcl

Redo thread mounted by this instance: 0 <none>

Oracle process number: 0

Windows thread id: 4852, image: ORACLE.EXE (SHAD)

*** 2018-09-06 18:29:33.584

2018-09-06 18:29:33.582: [ default]ut_read_reg:2:ocr registry key SOFTWARE\Oracle\olr cannot be opened. error 2
2018-09-06 18:29:33.584: [ default]ut_read_reg:2:ocr registry key SOFTWARE\Oracle\ocr cannot be opened. error 2

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