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Archive log generation more than usual

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Hi Team,

In our production Database archive log is generating more than usual. since earlier days archive log generation was very less compared to now a days 

Also by using queries can able to identify how many archive logs are generated during particular intervals of time.

But Need to know which particular process generating those and also need to know Is there any setup can be done in oracle so that

generation of archive log sizes can be reduced ??? ...

could you guys help me for the above my issues. 







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Hi Sova, and welcome to the forum!

Redo usage is directly tied to DML volume.

it’s not uncommon for a growing database to consume more redo logs!

Please read:


As for finding the programs that are issuing the DML, that is tricky.

These queries show the tables that are experiencing high DML (and high redo?


These queries against v$transaction are very helpful:


Sometimes a AWR report might show high DML statements.

Good luck!


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