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How to secure an HTTPS request send from PL/Sql UTL_HTTP package

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I need to send a secure request via the UTL_HTTP package to an HTTPS ressource using a basic autentification.I have read that to allow this:

- Get the root certificate from the browser

- Create a wallet containig this certificate

- Use the wallet and access to the HTTPS ressource. For example:

EXEC UTL_HTTP.set_wallet('file:/u01/app/oracle/admin/DB11G/wallet', Pwd);


  -- Make a HTTP request and get the response.
  l_http_request  := UTL_HTTP.begin_request(''https://gb.redhat.com/');

  -- Use basic authentication 
    UTL_HTTP.set_authentication(l_http_request, p_username, p_password);
   l_http_response := UTL_HTTP.get_response(l_http_request);

As we forcast to deploy this in many databases, is there another way to send secure request from Oracle using a basic autentication to the site without using a certificate?

Thanks and Regards


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HTTPS works with certificates, either through Oracle or through Java, or even through our traditional browsers. 

Here is a cool link explaining how it works..



Thank you,

Boobal Ganesan

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Thanks for your feedback. So even using a basic autentication via utl_http as showed in the previous code sample a wallet should be set with the targeted site certificates ? is it mandatory in all the cases of the SSL acommunication from oracle to web service?

My database is



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