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Advantage of Oracle Goldengate over Streams

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What is the advantage of Goldengate over Stream?


Oracle Goldengate has high license cost compared to Streams. So, why an organization should use Goldengate for their data replication need and not Streams?

Does Goldengate has advantage, which is worth the high license cost?

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Hi, and welcome to the forum!

Good question!

Goldengate is like a Ferrari, and Streams is a Volkswagen.

They will both get you to your destination, but in different ways!

See here:


Good luck!


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Thanks for sharing your question. Oracle Streams is a built-in feature of the Oracle Database that allows information sharing among multiple Oracle databases. With Goldengate, transactional changes and events are captured, propagated and applied within an Oracle database or between Oracle databases, creating a flexible replication solution for a homogeneous all-Oracle environment.  



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