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Richard V

Exporting 700gb data - Recommendations Needed

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We have a table that contains blobs (images). It's about 700gb worth and we need to export it. Transportable tablespace is out. We're using Data Pump. DB is 11.2. I don't see this version of expdp having the old 'consistent=n'. It's okay that the export is not consistent. We're also using parallel. Testing 10% of the export (2 1/2 hrs) computes to about a 28-hour export for the entire table. We're looking for recommendations on speeding this up.

Thanks in advance!!

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Hi Richard, and welcome to the forum!

Wow!  700 gig is a monster!

expdp is not a fast table copy method.

Will making a copy of the table over a database link work for you?


If the table is in it’s own tablespace, then it is easier!

Did you set parallelism to cpu_count-1?


Sad to say, but “time takes time”, but I don’t know how the data blocks are laid out?

Are you using ASM?  Partitioned tables?

This is a tough question!

I have a fast clone method:


But maybe you need a third party tool like Delphix?  I have never used it, but I heave that it is great for high speed data cloning.


Once you get a copy, have you considered SSD storage? Copying from SSD is 300 to 600 times faster than platter disk:


Hope this helps. . . 


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Hi again,

What is the mapping of data files to tablespaces to tables?

I would expect that this monster table resides in it’s own tablespace, and the tablespace consists of many data files.

Please advise . . .  Thanks!

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