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Hi Dear Mr.Burleson!

I have session that consumes fully 1 CPU.

in OEM I can see this session is doing this  -  BEGIN custom_pricing_list.process_q(:errbuf,:rc); END;

Nothing else. When I put the trace on from start of the session , I have a trace file.

But then the trace stops ( not reached yet max_dump_file_size 2G) and the call still going/session spining on CPU ..

So, how to trace to find out WHAT EXACTLY it doing for the rest of the time ?

DB has  free resources



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Hi Linda, and welcome to the forum!

Using 100% CPU is not a problem, the server is designed to ramp up fast!



If the task runs for more than a few minutes, take a AWR or statspack report in a one minute interval!  

That will tell you what is happening!




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