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OBIEE - converting Discoverer reports for other users and then sharing the report with the necessary users for them

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I know my posts do not follow mainstream OBIEE usage, thus why I have issues finding the answers in online documentation.  A quick background...

I am part of a conversion team that is trying to figure out how to migrate users from Discoverer to OBIEE by doing most of the work for them.  Some users will convert their own reports, but for the rest, we will be trying to convert numerous reports for numerous users and share them as needed to mimic their current Discoverer environment.  The idea is that the users will log on to the OBIEE environment and find their reports converted and the necessary co-workers who had access to the reports before will have access in the new OBIEE environment.

Problem 1:  Converting the report for the user (not logged in as the user, but as a conversion team user) but having the original author own the report when we are done.

I am hoping I can convert their report and then share it with them.  Similar to how it works in Discoverer, I am hoping the user will then save the report to their own folder so they have the report owned by them (and I can delete my copy).  

Problem 2:  I generally understand the various privileges in OBIEE (like BIConsumer, BIAuthor, etc), but I need to figure out how to implement the same sharing as it shows in Discoverer. I cannot log in as the user.  So, is it possible to use the weblogic administration console to manage who the reports are shared with?  What type of privileges will be required by the conversion team to setup these sharing relationships?  I anticipate the conversion team member assigned the task of setting up the report sharing settings will be required to have the minimum amount of privileges to accomplish the tasks.  Any thoughts on what is required?

I am working through the following document: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E14571_01/bi.1111/e10541/prescatadmin.htm#BIESG2904

It seems to be telling me as administrator I can do this.  Can anyone confirm this?  

Thanks so much for the help.

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i am a DBA,   but the the core of any report is the data extraction (the SQL) and the report formatting.

Lift the SQL and format the output in SQL*Plus:


and read this and buy the book:


Once created, the control becomes s. Issue unless you build an app where reports are created ad-hoc, based on database privileges!

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