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Index missing in Logical standby

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Dear Experts,

Previously a table was existing  on both primary and logical standby with index on one of the column

I have recreated this table(I exported the table and imported with 'indexes=no' option on primary)

I have manually created the index(with logging option) on the primary table  but which is not getting reflected on logical standby. what could be the reason?

or is this a logical standby feature ?..can I manually create the same index on logical standby?

Please help




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Hi Killer,

Excellent question!

If you think about it, the redo logs for a “create index” statement would consist of hidden tree structures inside the table space.

Since the data blocks will always be different between primary and standby, it would be impossible to propagate across databases.

Plus, would you really want to trigger an index build automatically?

Of course you can create the index manually on the logical standby!

Hope this helps. . .

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