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I Activated the ArchiveLog in my Oracle DB and now i can't connect on it. When i try to connect i see the message "connected to an idle instance". I can not run any query and also can't to revert the archivelog process. How can i revert this and acces my db?


Ativei o ArchiveLog no banco do Oracle, agora não consigo mais acessar o bando de dados. Quando tento conectar aparece que me conectei a uma instância inativa. Não consigo executar mais as querys nem reverter o processo do ArchiveLog. O que pode ter acontecido? Como reverto isso?




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Hi Renan and welcome to the forum!

Your message says that the Oracle instance is not running.

The startup command should get the instance running.

Also, note this on the shared memory realm:


Try these steps to get into archive log mode:


Good luck!

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