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Getting partition name dynamically based on partition key value

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I have been working on one task here converted non partitioned table into range - interval partition table .This table consists of 20 million records hold monthly data.

The process used previously was deleting and inserting into  the non -partitioned table , after converting it into partition table and to improve performance truncating table partition and inserting into table.

Each monthly data  holds 2 millions records, currently i am doing truncation based on partition key . Please find below structures of table and statements.

create table test(yearmonth number,
                  custname varchar2(30),
                  bal_amnt number(8,0) 
    PARTITION by range (yearmonth)
    ( partition p_monthly values less than (20151101 ) );
    insert into test values (20151024,'xyz',1000);
    insert into test values (20151024,'abc',2000);
    insert into test values (20151110,'def',5000);
    insert into test values (20151110,'srt',6000);

     execute IMMEDIATE 'ALTER TABLE TEST TRUNCATE PARTITION FOR '||'('||yearmonth||')'';
     --execute IMMEDIATE 'ALTER TABLE TEST TRUNCATE PARTITION FOR '||'('||p_monthly||')''; 
 Please see commented code above can I get partition name as parameter to dynamic statement based on partition key for ex 20151024 -p_monthly.

Data dictionary user_tab_partitions holds partitions name and high_value but high_value data type of long type so was not able to fetch the partition name.

I searched lot but not able to find solution,could you please guide me the correct approach , I hope  you are clear with my question if need any input let me know.

if currently used method passing partition key for truncation correct way then implement the same solution.









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