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Check Last Position at which value occurs through pl/sql

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Hello boobal


with t1 as (select 'A+++500+read++' col1 from dual)
select regexp_count(substr(col1,1,regexp_instr(col1,'[^\+]+',1,regexp_count(col1,'[^\+]+'))-1),'\+') from t1;

This queyr you gave for finding total count of '+' before last value..Here last value is 'read'.So with this query i got total count of '+' before 'read' as 4 which is absolutely right.

It was a sample data which i provided u.But in my table data is like this..



When i am running the same query for 'dual',then it works.But when i m running the same query for my real table,then i get error.:-''0 out of range''.

Whats solution for this??Due to 0,query is not working.

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