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instance caging

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Please help me to implement the instance caging.....

I have 10 databases in a server.... all are using cpu_count of 40

For only one instance i want to do caging .... how to implement it




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Hi Rama, and welcome to the forum!


First, make sure that you have a good reason for instance caging!


I rarely see a reason for it since sharing CPU resources is a good thing!


You have ten databases sharing 40 processors, that is a good thing!


The only reason to cage is when one database consumes all of the processors!


If you cage, you also lose the power of parallel query.


Lastly, if you cage, one database may be starved for CPU while the other processors sit idle, a real waste!


Here is how I do instance caging:




Also, VMware is a way to segregate processing resources:




Good luck!

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Yes thank you useful information.... I have the same scenario that one instance is consuming more CPU in production.... Hence wanted to test the same in UAT wherein I have 10 databases sharing 40 CPU.... In which only one is owned by us hence wanted to test in that... How to identify the performance before and after caging... What are all the prechecks need to do


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