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RMAN recovery help. Corrupt redo logs and deleted archive logs.

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I am studying Oracle database administration and don't have a strong knowledge of RMAN yet. I accidentally deleted archive logs, and during an issue with the database the redo log group 1 became corrupt.

I have no idea how to recover the database from this. There hasn't been any critical data entered recently, so I am okay with some data loss, I just need to get this database back up and running.


Here are screenshots of RMAN

I've listed the backups available. I have one Full backup set which seems promising.

I also show a screenshot of the "RMAN-06025 no backup of archived log for thread 1..."


Can someone please provide some help/info/code to help get this database back up and running? It would be greatly appreciated. I've learned my lesson about messing with the fast recovery area, now I just need to learn my lesson on how to fix an issue like this.

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Hi, and welcome to the forum!


You have multiple redo log groups, one corrupt one will not bring down the database!


Are you sure that the database requires recovery?


Are you taking any cumulative backups?


Please read:




Without redo you can only recover from a full backup and you will suffer great data loss.


Remember, a production emergency is not the best time to learn RMAN!


Good luck!

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