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UTL_SMTP error: ORA-24247

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I have a package to send mails with attachments via UTL_SMTP.

This package when executed from back end, triggers mails etc perfectly.


But same thing when done via a package and concurrent program throws ORA-24247: network access denied by access control list (ACL).


I'm using host as 'localhost'.


On querying this: SELECT * FROM dba_network_acls;

I get: post-52216-1508483754_thumb.jpg


On querying this: SELECT * FROM dba_network_acl_privileges;

I get: post-52216-1508483814_thumb.jpg


Please advise.


Thanks in advance.




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Update on this.

SMTP is working now.


Change: added the AUTHID CURRENT_USER clause in package definition.


Example: create or replace PACKAGE xxcg_cap_email_t_p1 AUTHID CURRENT_USER AS

PROCEDURE main (pv_errbuff IN OUT VARCHAR2,

pn_retcode IN OUT NUMBER);

END xxcg_cap_email_t_p1;




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