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  1. A+++500+read++ I want the occurence of last '+' or in other words,total count of '+' before last value 'read' through PL/SQL at which value occurs.First value is 'A',Second value is '500' , third value is 'read'.Here last value is 'read' and position of '+' at which last value 'read' occurs is 4.I want this output 4 through query.Just want occurence of Highlighted '+' or in other words,total count of '+' before last value 'read'.Max position of '+' at which last value is there.Here output should be 4. Second i want total number of values that occurs between '+'..Here three values namely A,500,read is there.I want count of values means how many values exist between '+'.Output should be 3.
  2. Hello Everyone. Request you to please suggest some way on this. I have a csv file which i am uploading to a table using UTL_FILE. This activity runs on daily basis where file name remains same but data in there changes (insertion or update). I need to record that particular row with required columns which was changed in the csv file. I created a procedure and used below as condition which works for upload part. ## merge into test using dual on (Id = v_Id) when not matched then insert (Id, name, address) values (v_Id, v_name, v_address) when matched then update set name = v_name, address = v_address; For recording that update i used a trigger on this table (test) ## create or replace TRIGGER test_trg after update on test for EACH ROW begin If Updating Then insert into test_log (name, address ) values (:new.name, :new.address ); The trouble i am facing is that instead of recording that single record which is changed in table test using utl_file upload it records whole table values of required columns. Trigger works fine if i manually edit or update the test table but in case of UTL_FILE upload procedure trigger records whole table data of required columns.