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  1. Hello, I have two tables : Create table "million_data" ( "MYTIMESTAMP" NUMBER, "TABLE2_KEY" NUMBER, "QUALITY" NUMBER, "THEVALUE" NUMBER ) / Create Index "million_data_tst_key2" ON "million_data" ("MYTIMESTAMP","TABLE2_KEY") TABLESPACE TBS_IDX / Create Index "million_data_key2_tst" ON "million_data" ("TABLE2_KEY","MYTIMESTAMP") TABLESPACE TBS_IDX / Create table "TABLE2" ( "TABLE2_KEY" Number, "RECTITLE" Varchar2 (200), primary key ("TABLE2_KEY") USING INDEX TABLESPACE TBS_IDX ) The table "million_data" has around 5000000000 records. The TABLE2 has 10000 records only. Counting the records number takes 500 seconds; The question is how can I improve the performance of the SQL to get data joining the two tables ? Which is the best approach to create the indexes on million_table? Is the composite index a good idea ? If I need to perform queries limiting the range of MYTIMESTAMP between two values, having an index on just the MYTAMESTAMP column leads to a better performance ? Tnank you very much. Best regrads