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Found 2 results

  1. I have recently inherited a large number of Discoverer reports and I need to figure out the differences between them. Most likely many reports are similar with minor hard coded parameter differences. There are too many to manually review via the GUI. Is there a way to export the definition of the report so they can be compared? I do not have access to the reports/system yet, but I'm guessing Discoverer 10.1 or 11.1... used against an 11g db. I've been searching online and found a reference to saving the reports as a rex file and then comparing with an ascii comparison utility. I'm unfamiliar and can't find any information on saving rex files (except with regards to music). I would appreciate any suggestions. Due to the limited timing on this project, I'd like to hit the ground running. I tried searching for help on this website, MOSC and OracleFAQ, but no luck. If you know of any other places to search, I'd appreciate that info too. Thanks.
  2. First, I should ask if my understanding is correct... I understand Discoverer users can generate a report and once they like the results they are getting, they can share it with other users so they don't have to write their own report. To keep them straight, I refer to the original report as the "base report" and the copies that were shared to other users as the "shared report". So, here are a few questions: 1) Can the user who receives the shared report change it? 2) Is the shared report a separate copy of the base report (or just a reference to the base report)? 3) If the base report is changed, will the shared report also change? 4) Is there a way to determine which reports are base reports and which ones are shared? Unrelated, is there a way for the DBA to access all the reports, by all users? I understand you can log in as a particular user and see their reports, but as a DBA, can you see all reports made by all users? Thanks for the help. Liz