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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I have a deadlock which happens time to time while running 2 jobs in parallel.Each of those 2 jobs run a procedure which calls in this order the following update procedures : ParseCustomerOrder updates A table ParseInitialWorkOrders updates B table ParseCard pour updates C table ParseEnvelopesCount updates C table EvaluateCoStatus updates A table ParsePull_FR updates D table ParseReturnedMail updates E table ParseExceptionCards updates A et F tables UpdateCardCount updates C tables The trace file alert_det.trc is attached . The deadlock occurs on a session while merging the C table (ParseCard procedure above ) and in the other session while merging in the A table (proedure ParseExceptionCards above ). In the trace file we can see in deadlock graph that it's row level lock and also it was waiting in shared mode S. Deadlock graph: ---------Blocker(s)-------- ---------Waiter(s)--------- Resource Name process session holds waits process session holds waits TX-00540014-00129b60 69 307 X 50 137 S TX-005c0016-000ad96b 50 137 X 69 307 S Also: Rows waited on: Session 307: obj - rowid = 00C603F9 - AAxgP5AAAAAAAAAAAA (dictionary objn - 12977145, file - 0, block - 0, slot - 0) Session 137: obj - rowid = 0108C35A - ABCMNaAAAAAAAAAAAA (dictionary objn - 17351514, file - 0, block - 0, slot - 0) I am a novice in the deadlock troubleshooting but I have read the Troubleshooting "ORA-00060 Deadlock Detected" Errors (Doc ID 62365.1) to start understand/analyse the case. when I request: SELECT owner, object_name, object_type FROM dba_objects WHERE object_id in (12977145,17351514) it gives: OBJECT_ID OWNER OBJECT_NAME OBJECT_TYPE 12977145 PROD A_IDX$$_1DEE00003 INDEX 17351514 PROD C_STATUSSEQ_ID INDEX SUBPARTITION C_STATUSSEQ_ID is a bitmap index created on table C using: CREATE BITMAP INDEX C_STATUSSEQ_ID ON C (STATUSSEQ_ID) LOGGING NOPARALLEL TABLESPACE TBS PCTFREE 20 LOCAL; CREATE INDEX A_IDX$$_1DEE00003 ON A (SOURCECUSTOMERORDERID) LOGGING TABLESPACE TBS.. Knowing that C table is functionaly a child of A table but this is a dataware house DB and no foreign key are created. Could you please help to diagnose more this case and can I fix this dadlock issue ? Many thanks in advance! alert_det.trc