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    extract BLOB from ORDIMAGE

    Hello I found this document: https://docs.oracle.com/database/121/AIVUG/ch_imgref.htm#AIVUG6000 so write this function to read ORDImage as BLOB: CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION get_blob(IDR IN NUMBER) RETURN BLOB AS image ORDSYS.ORDImage; result BLOB; BEGIN SELECT ORDIM_FIELD INTO image FROM ORDIM_TABLE WHERE ID_ROW = IDR; result := image.getContent(); RETURN(result); END; that wrok fine, but I want to select ORDImage directly without function like this: select image.getContent() from (select (select ORDIM_FIELD from ORDIM_TABLE where ID_ROW = 1) image from dual) and got error: "[Error] Execution (1: 28): ORA-00904: "IMAGE"."GETCONTENT": invalid identifier" Is any solution for this issue ? Regards, sasan.
  2. sasan

    extract BLOB from ORDIMAGE

    Hello Happy new year I want to read image store in oracle 11g databse as ORDIMAGE (type), oracle client, OLEDB and c++ language used for this job but error is ORDIMAGE is unknown and I can't access image field. The question is how can extract BLOB from ORDIMAGE using convert/function/procedure/etc... ? Regards, sasan.