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  1. I did what you said. Unfortunately it didn't help. In forums they say the error "Agent is unreachable" can be fixed with the help of the note 271126.1. Where can I find the info from the note in open access?
  2. I have one more question. Can I use symbol hyphen "-" in hostname for EM? For example WIN-fgh245ak. My hostname is like that. May be the error because of that. Certainly, I can change the hostname and other things but I don't want to busy myself with it one more time.
  3. I entered the command emctl status agent Output: Agent is not running. emctl stop agent or emctl start agent Output: list of all commands of emctl appears. emctl upload Output: Agent is not running. We cannot invite an expert because our db is secret and we have restricted funds. For emergency oracle support also need to pay. We hope in Internet and forums.
  4. Dear Sir! Unfortunately our technical support is already over. I said before that I added the “log on as a batch job” privilege already. I noticed one thing. In EM the status of agent is unreachable. Can it cause my error? If yes how to fix it?
  5. I have Oracle 11g db. DBs are in two computers: virtual and local. I want to back up and recover in Enterprise Manager. Need to specify Host credentials. I enter Host credentials and button. The error appears: connection to host as user Administrator failed, connection refused: connect. Login of administrator, password is correct. In local policy administrator was added in Logon as batch job. Administrator was added in ora_dba. Administrator was added in users of oracle with sysdba privileges. In EM preferences/preferred credentials through Host and Database Instance I specified Username, Userpassword, Host User and Host Password. No results. What to do? What else settings do I have to do? Best Regards Temur Yakubov