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  1. I have an MS Access application that talks to an Oracle back-end. If Oracle code detects an error it uses the RAISE command to raise a named exception. Then in the EXCEPTION block, the named exception's code runs to inform the user. Oracle typically appends additional text to indicate calling sequence that ended in the code that finally reported the error. The problem is that, under certain circumstances, MS Access cannot report the error message from Oracle, instead displaying a generic ODBC error with no accompanying description to indicate the problem. This, of course, makes it difficult to troubleshoot. If I execute the same action in TOAD as what caused the ODBC error in Access, I see an error like the attached. (Code generating the error is in the 2nd attachment.) I'm not sure what accounts for this behaviour. I had thought that the additional text added by Oracle at the end might exceed the limit for ODBC error text, but I'm not sure. Any ideas on how I can fix this (or even troubleshoot it)? Thanks for any help you can give. Wayne TOAD Error.bmp Check4AgrDateOverlap.sql