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  1. ORA-04063

    Nothing changed. See attached log file. export.log
  2. ORA-04063

    Differ only default tablespace where tables are located. All 3 schemas have it's own - eds_dev, eds_tst and eds_prd accordingly. So, looks like problem exists inside eds_dev tablespace. Please correct me if I am wrong. Is there any tool for checking/repairing physical consistency of tablespace files (like oncheck in Informix)?
  3. ORA-04063

    1. My version doesn't support Export: Release - Production on Wed Feb 21 14:12:04 2018 Copyright (c) 1982, 2014, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Connected to: Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production With the Partitioning, OLAP, Advanced Analytics and Real Application Testing options ORA-39001: invalid argument value ORA-39023: Version is not supported. 2. There are 3 schemas (eds_dev, eds_tst and eds_prd) in the db with identical tables (please take a look to attached file. Unfortunately 1 of them gives error mentioned (ORA-04063). Another two work fine... schema.sql
  4. ORA-04063

    Oracle Unexpectedly Data Pump Export starts to report about identical errors on 5 tables: ORA-31693: Table data object "EDS_DEV"."EMAILS":"ACTIVE" failed to load/unload and is being skipped due to error: ORA-02354: error in exporting/importing data ORA-02373: Error parsing insert statement for table "EDS_DEV"."EMAILS". ORA-04063: table "EDS_DEV.EMAILS" has errors Need your assistance to understand what does this errors mean and also how to avoid it?