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  1. Dear Sir! I checked connection with ping, tnsping etc. The connection is normal. There is a connection in SQLPlus. In EM all functions work except host credentials. No host credentials are accepted. May be there is a specificity for virtual machine and local host. My OS are WIN 7 and WIN 10. Best Regards
  2. I am afraid our Oracle support is already over. Where can I get more detailed consulting ? Best Temur
  3. Thank you for your links. I have read them. Recently I wanted to do RESET DATABASE. Oracle documentation suggests the following commands connect target / startup force nomount reset database to incarnation 2 run { set until time "date time" restore controlfile from autobackup alter database mount restore database recover database } alter database open resetlogs In this view my db has given error: db not mounted. I haven't recovery catalog. So I changed: startup force mount. Command reset database to incarnation 2 has given a result. But the command restore controlfile from autobackup has given an error: need to use clause TO in mount or open mode. Then I put the command startup force nomount before the command restore controlfile from autobackup. At this time rman has given an error: db not mounted. I don't know in what work is. Please help me ! Best Temur
  4. At second link I found out that need to RESET DATABASE. For that need control file from autobackup. I haven't recovery catalog (how to find out whether there is it or not ?). Where is autobackup ? How can I get it ? I have only the whole database backup. Best Temur
  5. I have a problem. I have db oracle 11g. I recovered db from a backup of past state. Appeared 2 datafiles with the names MISSING0000x. I renamed the datafiles with command SET NEWNAME. Then I wanted to take the datafiles online, but I got the following error: control file or datafile 8 is from before the last RESETLOGS. What to do ?