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  1. Hi Burleson, I am using oracle 12cR2. The provided link is for 12cR1. In 12cR2, UNDO management mode has been introduced and I am facing issue with LOCAL UNDO mode. I am using below RMAN script for PDB PIT Restore- RMAN> RUN { CONFIGURE CHANNEL DEVICE TYPE 'SBT_TAPE' PARMS="ENV=(NBBSA_DB_DEVICE_NAME=Oracle-Linux::\\satish-linux-oracle12cr2\orcl)"; RESTORE PLUGGABLE DATABASE 'ORCLPDB' UNTIL TIME "TO_DATE ('01-22-2018:03:02:03', 'MM-DD-YYYY:HH24:MI:SS')"; RECOVER PLUGGABLE DATABASE 'ORCLPDB' UNTIL TIME "TO_DATE ('01-22-2018:03:02:03', 'MM-DD-YYYY:HH24:MI:SS')"; ALTER PLUGGABLE DATABASE ORCLPDB OPEN RESETLOGS; CONFIGURE CHANNEL DEVICE TYPE 'SBT_TAPE' CLEAR; CONFIGURE AUXILIARY CHANNEL DEVICE TYPE 'SBT_TAPE' CLEAR; } I am wondering if i need to modify the this RMAN script. Attaching logs for more details. RMAN-Backup-Restore.zip
  2. I have installed Oracle 12cR2 on Linux (Oracle Linux 7.4). Also created one PDB in database. While doing PDBPIT recovery in LOCAL UNDO Mode, recovery is failing. However, PDB PIT recovery works fine in SHARED UNDO mode. Just to elaborate, I have created one PDB (say X) in database. Now I have changed UNDO mode to LOCAL UNDO for database and I have created one table ( say 'emp') in tablespace which belongs to my PDB X. Here, I took backup of this PDB X only. After that I logged into oracle database and removed the tablespace (using 'drop tablespace' command) from PDB X. Now, I am restoring database for earlier backup which contains earlier deleted tablespace which has table 'emp' . restore successes but when I try to see contents of table , i get below error- SQL> select * from emp; select * from emp * ERROR at line 1: ORA-00376: file 13 cannot be read at this time ORA-01111: name for data file 13 is unknown - rename to correct file ORA-01110: data file 13: '/u01/app/oracle/product/12.2.0/dbhome_1/dbs/MISSING00013' fyi, 13 is datafile number which belongs to tablespace which i have deleted before restore. And Datafile for deleted tablespace is available in required directory. Can anyone please tell me what is the reason for PDB PIT recovery failure in LOCAL UNDO MODE only?