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    Index missing in Logical standby

    Wow!..Don!...It really helps, Thank you so much... Best Regards, KillerDBA.
  2. killerDBA

    Index missing in Logical standby

    Dear Experts, Previously a table was existing on both primary and logical standby with index on one of the column I have recreated this table(I exported the table and imported with 'indexes=no' option on primary) I have manually created the index(with logging option) on the primary table but which is not getting reflected on logical standby. what could be the reason? or is this a logical standby feature ?..can I manually create the same index on logical standby? Please help
  3. killerDBA

    Logical stand by out of Sync

    Dear Don... Thanks for your prompt reply, Let me check the options which you have suggested. Best Regards,
  4. killerDBA

    Logical stand by out of Sync

    Hello Experts, Currently we are facing a logical stand by( out of sync issue. Current situation 1. Both primary and logical standby is running on same server(may not be relevant in this case, still..) 2. The last applied SCN on the Logical stand by was on 2nd_March-2017(The team did not notice the stand by sql apply has stopped after a restart) 3. The archive logs from March 2nd to 26th have been lost. Is there any possibility that we can re-sync the primary and logical stand by again or is it a clear logical stand by rebuild scenario? Any scope for 'instantiate_table' option? Please advice, Thanks
  5. killerDBA

    AIX TL Upgradation for Oracle 11gr2 - 2 nodes

    Dear Geelwortel, Thank you so much for the prompt reply.. Cheers!
  6. Hello Experts, Can anybody just help me on this? The operating system Team wants to perform AIX TL upgrade for each node in a 11gr2 RAC system(2 nodes). They wants to know whether the AIX TL upgrade can be done for for each node separately without impacting the service. OR Bring down RAC system completely(both nodes) and perform AIX TL upgrade on each node , then bring up the RAC system. Kindly suggest... Regards,