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    Export Issue

    Hello Experts, I have seen a strange thing while taking the exports of the tables. I have created the Directory and execute the expdp command with same directory name,Export works fine and gets completed but the dumpfile name gets changed and location becomes different. Kindly suggest what mistake I have done.
  2. Hello All, I was wondering as am new to Oracle, can we use both the below commands to delete the archives after backup?Can we use both or only one is enough and which one? delete noprompt archivelog all backed up 2 times to device type sbt and backup archivelog all delete input; Regards, Abhi
  3. Abhiprada

    Oracle 12c installation error

    Hello Team, much needed help required.While installation of Oracle 12c edition 2 on Redhat linux, everthing was going fine but suddenly it failed with the below error. Attached is the screenshot INFO: ... GenericInternalPlugIn.handleProcess() entered. INFO: ... GenericInternalPlugIn: getting configAssistantParmas. INFO: ... GenericInternalPlugIn: checking secretArguments. INFO: ... GenericInternalPlugIn: starting read loop. INFO: Read: [WARNING] [DBT-11217] Unable to check available shared memory on specified node(s) (PANAVDLDBAUT01). INFO: [WARNING] [DBT-11217] Unable to check available shared memory on specified node(s) (PANAVDLDBAUT01). WARNING: Skipping line: [WARNING] [DBT-11217] Unable to check available shared memory on specified node(s) (PANAVDLDBAUT01). INFO: Read: [FATAL] [DBT-06103] The port (5,500) is already in use. INFO: [FATAL] [DBT-06103] The port (5,500) is already in use. WARNING: Skipping line: [FATAL] [DBT-06103] The port (5,500) is already in use. INFO: Read: ACTION: Specify a free port. INFO: ACTION: Specify a free port. WARNING: Skipping line: ACTION: Specify a free port. INFO: Completed Plugin named: Oracle Database Configuration Assistant Kindly suggest, why it is showing us the port error and while installation no where it had asked for the port number.
  4. Abhiprada

    DB "point in Time Restore"

    Hello All, Needed a small suggestion:- We have migrated a QA Database<oracle on Linux> from one Domain<ex: abc.com> to another domain<newxyx.com>. Now Prod database is still in the older domain or Datacenter. Now the requirement is to restore the Prod data into The QA from the backup of the Prod. In Production or older DC the backups are taken by Autosys tool. But in our Domain we donot have autosys, we have another tool for backup. Will that be possible to restore from prod data as i guess the backup piece wont work for us? Kindly suggest....what can be the alternative if it doesnt work
  5. Abhiprada

    Script for log shipping

    Hello Experts, I have a database at one Data center and I want to implement the script for log shipping to the database at DR site.How can I do that? All logs from Primary should be shiiped to the other DB every 15 mins or any time. Kindly need your suggestions
  6. Abhiprada

    Oracle Locks

    Hello All, How do I troubleshoot the Oracle locks, I checked from v$locks,found out the session ID's( got 3 sessions ) but how can we find what is executed by that SID? whats running in the background by the same SID's? Thanks, Abhiprada.
  7. Abhiprada

    Schema Export Errro

    Hello Experts, While exporting a schema I saw below errors,what could be the reason for the same? >>> DBMS_AW_EXP: BIN$DrHaRzLiJMPgUwiQqQrpNw==$0 not AW$ >>> DBMS_AW_EXP: BIN$DrHaRzLcJMPgUwiQqQrpNw==$0 not AW$ >>> DBMS_AW_EXP: BIN$DrHaRzLYJMPgUwiQqQrpNw==$0 not AW$ >>> DBMS_AW_EXP: BIN$DrHaRzLaJMPgUwiQqQrpNw==$0 not AW$ >>> DBMS_AW_EXP: BIN$DrHaRzLgJMPgUwiQqQrpNw==$0 not AW$ >>> DBMS_AW_EXP: BIN$DrHaRzLeJMPgUwiQqQrpNw==$0 not AW$ Kindly suggest how can i take a clean export? Regards, Abhi
  8. Abhiprada

    Granted Role

    Hello Don, many Thanks..
  9. Abhiprada

    Granted Role

    Thanks Don, But that will make ADM value as YES, if I want both ADM and DEF value as YES. how can I execute? I want ADM and DEF both should have YES value. Regards, Abhi
  10. Abhiprada

    Granted Role

  11. Abhiprada

    Granted Role

    hello, SQL> select * from dba_role_privs where GRANTEE='MITPV'; GRANTEE GRANTED_ROLE ADM DEF ------------------------------ ------------------------------ --- --- MITPV READONLYMAX NO YES MITPV ADMINMAX YES NO how can i make both ADM and DEF value as YES? Could you please explain. Regards, Abhiprada.
  12. Abhiprada


    Hello Donald, To make it very simple,can we change the user password on Informational without changing on Primary? If we change on informational ONLY,the user account gets locked as On primary its not changed and when syn goes it will have the error. Users change the password only on Informational DB. Is it possible that we create any trigger on Informational,that will automatically sync the primary from Informational, when user changes the account password only on informational DB. Hope it helps!! Regards. Abhiprada
  13. Abhiprada


    Many Thanks Donald for the reply. So you mean to say trigger to be created after the update is done on the INFORMATIONAL DB? But what about the expiration date from PROD could be send to the Informational one.Prod would try to sync with it and could leave to account lock for users. correct me if I am wrong.
  14. Abhiprada


    We have a small project on PROD /Informational database where we allow users to change their password on Informational database via a small batch file. This can be done a tested, but we have found some small issues. Since the main is PROD database, and we change it on INFORMATIONAL there is a discrepancy, so it means that even if users change their password in Informational db, it could be locked because the expiration date from PROD could be send to the Informational one. Can there be a trigger send from Informational to PROD when a user changes his password ?
  15. Abhiprada

    Standby Redo files

    Hello Don, Need your guidance again, As i have restored My database from Backup and then I recreated the standby from the same.I found that the standby redologs missing.But when i checked the Primary DB through query the standby logs were missing.But I tried creating them it says" already exist". I found the redologs present in the desired location. How to register them/what is the solution?? I think at DB level its there,correct me if i am wrong. Regards, Abhiprada