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    Hi Burleson, Recently i understood, SCAN LISTENERS get each load information by pmon. I need to know go little deep. Does pmon directly talk to SCAN LISTENER or NODE (DB) LISTENER ? I am talking only about 11g rac, please update.
  2. Jhil

    oracle goldengate

    Hi Burleson, Thanks for given link.
  3. Hi burleson, Planning to upgrade database from to (Data Guard Configured). Primary database is in startup upgrade mode (ready to execute catupgrd.sql) Some folks are recommending to start listener from HOME (On Primary and Standby) Some folks are not recommending to start listener from HOME (On Primary and Standby) but listener has already stopped from HOME on both servers. On Primary and Standby Server , If listener is running from ( HOME) at that time of catupgrd.sql script execution (on primary), any impact ?? Please Clarify.
  4. Jhil

    Register backup sets to stanby db

    Thanks for your comments.
  5. Hi burleson, After restored newly created standby controlfile at standby we need to execute following command RMAN> catalog start with ....; Actually what we are saying on that command I checked your link alos. please say few more about that statement From your link : http://www.dba-oracle.com/t_physical_stand...og_scenario.htm
  6. Hello burleson, Current DB version is : We are planning to upgrade to >> Is it necessary to apply PSU patch for all databases ? >> How do i confirm , my database really needs psu ? >> Is PSU common for or ? or specific to db versions ? EX : for sepetate PSU EX : for sepetate PSU EX : for sepetate PSU Thanks.
  7. Hi Burleson, I do not have much information about Grid. what we do here, GRID_HOME is separate and ORACLE_HOME is separate. >> This is for our Standalone database >> I have seen some links. Which points to keep separate home for Grid i.e. GRID_HOME for Standalone database http://www.idevelopment.info/data/Oracle/D...22.shtml#Oracle Software Paths If my understanding is incorrect, please correct it. Thanks.
  8. First of all many thanks for all replies. Can i consider your previous reply for Standalone database also ? Because this question asked only for Standalone Database.
  9. Hello burleson, Grid Infrastructure for Standalone database (11.2.0.x) Is it good practice to configure listener from GRID_HOME instead of ORACLE_HOME ? If so , what are advantages ? Thanks.
  10. Hi Burleson, Thanks >> I hope ASMLib is not recommended for 11g >> What is your concern about ASMLib? ASMLib is just support library and also not mandatory. ASM can work without ASMLib (including block devices) I read some papers , Instead of using ASMLib, we can go for [b]UDEV or Multipaths[/b] for higher versions 11.2.x and 12c - But i am not aware about those things. Thanks for given link : http://www.dba-oracle.com/t_11g_release_2_...nce_gotchas.htm
  11. Hi burleson, ASM configured for database using ASMLib S/w on RHEL We are planning to upgrade to from >> What's the best approach to keep Oracle database with ASM for 11g/12c ? I hope ASMLib is not recommended for 11g and 12c versions. Thanks
  12. Jhil

    RAID 5 and ASM

    Hello burleson, >> Is Standalone database using ocr.loc file ? (Linux) If so , what type of informations are storing on that file ?
  13. Jhil

    RAID 5 and ASM

    Thanks burleson. I found new things from given link.
  14. Jhil

    RAID 5 and ASM

    ASM_HOME and $ORACLE_HOME for 10g in linux env >> Do you recommend to configure following setup for 10g >> export ORACLE_BASE=/u02/app/oracle export ORACLE_HOME=$ORACLE_BASE/product/10.2.0/db_1 export ASM_HOME=$ORACLE_BASE/product/10.2.0/asm_1 Please provide exact links to get some more idea between ASM_HOME and $ORACLE_HOME
  15. Jhil

    RAID 5 and ASM

    Thanks burlseson. I am not clear on following statement Someone asked me. Can we add 1TB LUN to ASM disk group online? Once we decided to maintain database file in ASM Disk group , why we need LUN ?