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    Goldengate on XAG deployment and OS Interaction

    Thanks Burleson ,
  2. Greetings I have one concern , If Goldengate is deployed on XAG with RAC (OEL7) , when the manager started by agctl (or relocated) all the processes will start in the same node that the manager resides in . is there any option that we can distribute the processes to start on both nodes ( I mean OS level) , since I have more than 40 Processes now in Bidirectional Mode Thanks Mohamed Aziz
  3. Thanks Donald for the info , I've gone through the note , but my case here is to map two source columns from 2 different tables to 1 target table . also the one of the mapped column will be part of composite primary key on the target table , not sure if will not work or not
  4. Dear All what the possibility of mapping 2 source table columns to only one table on the target using OGG , Here is the scenario : Source Table T1 has columns T1.c1 , T1.c2 , T1.c3 Table T2 has columns T2.c1 , T2.c2 , T3.c3 The challenge here that the Target table (Same name as T1) should have the folloiwng : Target Table T columns T1.c1 , T1,c2 , T3.c3 Please advise how to achieve it Thanks Mohamed Aziz
  5. maziz8900

    DB Link & Dataguard Setup

    Greeting all We have 2 nodes of Primary DB(cluster) 12.1 ,& 2 nodes of Standby DB (cluster) 12.1 as datagurad . Some external users are connecting to primary DB using database link. Is there any way to create one DB link to both primary and standby databases , so if the primary is down , -or in failover scenarios- no need to recreate the DB link to point to the standby database Thanks In advance
  6. maziz8900

    Migration Obstacles HP-UX 11.11 to Linux 6.5

    Hi Donald I think RMAN will not be an option , Since Source is Big Endian , and Target is Little one , Also the Network Link might fail due to old experience with it I mean , if there any network parameter to handle the copy mechanism , or another tool than scp , would be appreciated Thanks
  7. Dear All We are migrating Our Production DB (HP-UX 11.11 PARSIC 64) to RHEL 6.5 12c, DB is about 750 GB , Full export is taking about 4 hours with parallel=, we have to move the export dump files from HP-UX 10g to Linux 12c as fast as we can , Here are the outputs: - - dump filesize is 4 gb , and transfer rate is always 6 mb /s , even increased or decreased of the filesize parameter - we are using scp as a transfer tool Is there any other solution/options that can accelerate the transfer ? Thanks In Advance
  8. maziz8900

    UDT Lob buffer overflow in Initial Load

    Thanks Donald for your interest But , unfortunately I don't have an active Oralce SID , I did too many researches , but no luck , not sure if this a GoldenGate limitation of DBOPTION parameter , or is it bad data in my table , Anyway , thanks for your interest again
  9. maziz8900

    UDT Lob buffer overflow in Initial Load

    Hi Donald Eaxctly , I posted it 2 days back , with no reply Hope I can find a solution Thanks
  10. Hi All I'm doing an intial load for one table which is having ORDIMAGE column , Here is my prm details : ==================================================================== EXTRACT INIT_FFU -- ENVIRONMENT PROFILES setenv (ORACLE_SID = "trfdv") setenv (NLS_LANG = "AMERICAN_AMERICA.AR8ISO8859P6") setenv (ORACLE_HOME = "/u01/oracle/product/10.2.0/db_2") SETENV (NLS_DATE_FORMAT = "DD/MM/YYYY HH24:MI:SS") -- DATABASE LOGIN USERID gg, PASSWORD ***** -- GG PARAMETER CONFIGURATION RMTHOST <remote_host> , MGRPORT 7809 , TCPBUFSIZE 200000000, TCPFLUSHBYTES 200000000 , COMPRESS RMTFILE /u04/GG_TRAILS/ff , MAXFILES 9999 , MEGABYTES 100 , PURGE , FORMAT RELEASE 11.2 DBOPTIONS LOBBUFSIZE 10485760 STATOPTIONS RESETREPORTSTATS REPORTROLLOVER AT 00:01 REPORTCOUNT EVERY 10 SECONDS, RATE DISCARDFILE /u01/GG/dirrpt/ffu.dsc, APPEND -- FFU TABLES TABLE TRAFFIC.TF_FFU_RADAR_PICTURES; ==================================================================== The issue is at once it gives the following error UDT Lob buffer overflow, needed: 19920358, allocated: 10485760 I know that the maximum is 10485760 , so how can I resolve this issue GG version is DB version is Thanks In Advance