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  1. hi to all hi to all, i've centos 7.5 in VM. i installed oracle 12c in centos linux 7.5. after installation. it suggested to connect with oracle server via https://server1.db.net:5500/em but firefox showing a message " unable to connect."
  2. hi to all, I have dual boot PC. One is Windows 7 ultimate and another is centos 6.4 linux. Windows having two VMs on VMware Workstation 10.0. Both VMs are WinXp SP3 as guest OS. Then I installed oracle 9i server in one and client in second. Both were pinging to each other and also oracle 9i server was properly responding to client's query. After installation of oracle 9i server and oracle 9i client I changed name of both computer to oracle9i-server and oracle9i-client. So what should I do to take effect on oracle 9i server and client. Unfortunately in centos linux I opened those winxp VMs in vmware 10.0 and trying to connect oracle 9i client to oracle 9i server and failed. Now in Win 7 host, on winXP guests, oracle 9i server and oracle 9i client are not connecting to each other, error is :- ORA-12545: Connect failed because target host or object does not exist. This error is appearing in both centos linux host and win 7 host. Is it possible to connecting client to server in both hosts individually. what should I do for this connection problem. Please guide me.
  3. i to all i m newbie to oracle database installation. i m installing oracle 11gr2 in centos 6.4. installation failed due to following error :- enterprise manager configuration failed due to following error :- database connection through listener failed. fix the error and run EM configuration assistant again. Some of the possible reason may be : - 1. Listener port provided 1521 is incorrect. provide the correct port. 2. listener is not up. start the listener. 3. database service orcl.centos6.com is not register with listener. register the database service. 4. listener is up on physical host and ORACLE_HOSTNAME is environment is set to virtual host. Unset ORACLE_HOSTNAME enviornment variable. 5. listener is up on virtual host.set environment variable ORACLE_HOSTNAME=<virtual host> 6. /etc/hosts doesnot have correct entry for hostname. Refer to the log file at /opt/oracle/cfgtoollogs/dbca/orcl/emconfig.log for more details. you can retry configuring this database with enterprise manager later by manually running /opt/oracle/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/dbhome_1/bin/emca script. i m unable to find any problem, i m newbie to this. please help thanks in advance.